Bethel Church Global Outreach

Philippines: Eden Linebarger. e-mail

Korea: Frank and Mary Bosler.

Kenya: Jerry and Sherry Daniels. e-mail

Uganda: Russ and Sylvia Daniels. e-mail

Chile: Joel and Wendy Solomon. e-mail Joel.solomon@bbfimissions/.org

Botswana: Steve and Pam Workman. email

Illinois: Margret Shankle. e-mail

Hungary: Marc and Charon Patton.

Germany: Chris Parker

Ethiopia: Berhanu and Wobit Yoseph. e-mail

Philippines: Norris and Linda Baily. e-mail

Zambia: Patrick and Sherry Coleman. e-mail

Hawaii: Phil and Cindy Underhile. e-mail

California: Tim and Sharon Simmonds. e-mail

Brazil: Connie Gill. e-mail

Bulgaria: Schiffbauer. e-mail

Middle East: Nathan and Alicia Lee. e-mail

Dominican Republic: Ismael and Emmania Dora. e-mail

China: Vincent and Brittany Blanchard. e-mail

Australia: Rijn Abrell